About the AuralVet Team at Affordable Pet Care

AuralVet was created to provide services to breeders and breed specific dog owners seeking cosmetic type veterinary services. Dr Gary Johnson, former owner of Highland Animal Clinic in Mount Vernon, Washington, has provided dewclaw removals and tail docking for puppies, necessary medical recommended dewclaw and tail docking due to trauma and ear cropping services along side other veterinary care for over 40 years. His expertise and experience combined with the latest in pain management, inflammation control and advanced anesthesia methods, means your family members and puppies receive the best of care.

Our team believes that these services, although controversial, are being performed and those seeking these services will drive long distances and without knowledge may choose inexperienced personnel to perform such surgeries. We believe the our canine patients deserve the best of care. By providing high quality services and utilizing the latest in medication and surgical management, we feel those seeking these services will not subject their pets to less standards of care or inexperienced personnel trying the provide these services. We will continue to provide this service hosted at our new location in Stanwood.

The veterinarians and staff at our Stanwood location have a full service veterinary clinic and are also able to provide routine veterinary care, diagnostics and treatments as well.

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